Lola's Story


Lola was born with Spina Bifida and is in a wheelchair. She is 9 years old and has been in love with nail polish since she was 3. Like many families 2020 was a tough year for Lola. January 2020, Lola was verbally and psychically attacked at school by a group of bullies for being different. Due to the trauma, we removed Lola from school and had to place her in therapy where she was diagnosed with anxiety, PTSD and depression.
We started to focus on things that made her happy and nails and beauty was that thing! In April 2020, Taylor made her first nail polish. And that is how Lola Marie Polish was created! We turned a negative into a positive. Lola handcrafts all of her polishes and picks all of her accessories. Her polish is 10 free, vegan, cruelty - free, kid and adult friendly. So moms can wear it too! Proceeds from the sales is going towards the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van to meet Lola's needs. Our goal is for Lola's brand to be in stores like Target.